Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo Bomb!

Addison is getting so big SO fast! Just a few pictures of our darling little big girl :)

Parachute fun at a friends birthday!

Perfecting her baseball skills with her buddy Cooper!

Thank you Ashley for the "build a dog" And thank you to Alex for taking an hour to put it together :D

Loves the swings!

Picnic time with Mommy!

My tall girl!

Visiting Daddy at work!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Brag Blog

Just wanted to send out the pictures of baby that we got today at our 3-D ultrasound! We can't wait to kiss that little face! Addison was so cute she kept asking all sorts of questions. My favorite was "Does baby have a blankie in there?"

Friday, November 18, 2011


Addison all dressed up for Halloween! She was a "princess dinosaur"... Her idea not ours :)

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Monday, October 17, 2011


Who could resist this face?!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello world! So it's been entirely way too long since this blog has had an appropriate update but I am determined to start up again. I know many of you have asked for updated pictures of Addison so I figure that is the perfect place to start! Our princess just turned 3 and she is a hoot! 5 words I would use to describe her:
1. Kindhearted
2. Curious
3. Rambunctious
4. Brave
5. Social Butterfly

Here are some of her latest pics, enjoy :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Its been awhile since my last update, I apologize for that, time just seems to slip away too quickly. We spent the 4th of July as a family until Alex threw his back out picking Addison up (either he's getting old or she's eating too many oatmeal cream pies!) Alex could barely walk so we got him comfy on the couch at home and then headed over to our friends pool party.

Addison and I were having so much fun that an hour into the party we convinced daddy to take some pain killers and join us. Even though he sat in the same lawn chair the whole time, he had fun and it was great to spend that time as a family. Addison swam around the whole pool again and again with her friend little friend Wrigley. She was in a floaty with leg openings so she wouldn't slip through but she loved the freedom she had! She was belly laughing the whole time trying to catch up to her friend. She got pretty darn good at kicking her little legs by the end of it!
At dusk the party guests started setting off a bunch of fireworks in the backyard and Addison for the record was NOT a fan. She was absolutely petrified and only wanted Daddy to hold her. The city of Queen Creek has a festival and fireworks show at a local farm every 4th but it is $10 a car for admission not to mention a madhouse, so luckily enough the party we went to was in great viewing distance from the show and far enough away that the "BOOMs" weren't too loud. Addison enjoyed the display but not as much as I had imagined. I thought she would have been mesmerized but she was more interested in eating her cookie :)

Swimming around with her friends

Addison and Wrigley on the baha step

Mommy and Addison...nice face!

Daddy protecting her from the can tell she is less than thrilled!

Lately I have been caring for my friends daughter Bryar who is just 2 months older than Addison. This morning Bryar came over at 6:30 and kept asking "Addi asleep? Addi asleep?" Since I am SO boring to hang out with, we finally went to wake Miss Addison up at 7:45 and they both lit up when they saw each other! Immediate squealing and spazing out commenced, followed by 3 more hours of the same :) They love each other so much and rarely act out when they are together, it is just so cute to watch them. I think my favorite today was when they held hands to dance or when they both found a pair of my platform shoes (and we are talking 4" platforms!) and decided to put them on and parade around the house. It was the funniest looking thing, the shoes were as big as them!

Their favorite thing is to go "wee!" on the slide

Loves her swing!



Running away from me...their favorite game

Holding hands <3


They love to give eachother hugs!